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Instead of a beach canvas from HomeGoods, Why not have artwork you love, of someone you love?

Did you know that by the time your baby reaches 18 years old, you will have taken over 200,000 digital snapshots of them?


Whether that be on your phone, on a point and shoot, or with that snazzy digital camera your husband bought you for Christmas. Aren't these beautiful photos something you want your children to have easy access to when they leave the nest and start their own family? Don't make them sift through your outdated technology in 18 years to find these precious moments. Let us print your photos for you so we can preserve these memories properly for generations to come. 

Little Lashes Photography is a full-service studio that specializes in Heirloom Albums, premium quality Wall Art and Fine Art Silk Prints.  All prints come with the matching high resolution digital negative for archival, gift printing, and social media sharing purposes. 

"Sometimes we do not realize how important our memories are, until they are all we have left."


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